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Edubloggercon - Preconference NECC 07
By Barbara Bray    June 23, 2007 -- 01:05 PM

The Unconference met on Saturday, June 23rd. Connecting face-to-face meeting the people you read. Wow! Steve Dembo wrote on Teach42 In Retrospect
"EdubloggerCon has come and gone adn to say it was a succes would be an undedrstatement. The networking alone made it a success, but it was the conversations that are going to stick with me." 

I was only able to attend after 3pm - however, want to share the
sessions and networking that happened thanks to Steve Hargadon and so many others.

Session Block 1:

Expanding the Circle: (Steve Hargadon) Brainstormed ways to introduce educators tot he tools of Web 2.0.

Getting our Blogs in a Row (Will Richardson) discussed Internet safety, the transformation of the tools, the literacy and preparing teachers and students for the future.

Session Block 2:

Edublogs: How to Wordpress as an educational and management system. They shared advanced features.

Google Earth: trio of suites of GE, Sketch Up and, Google Maps and how students can show connections to real places and what they looked like in historical times.

Future Schools: (David Warlick) What does the school, classroom, and learner of the future look like? Classrooms would have adaptively  transparent walls. School is flexible scheduled. Lifelong learning. Long tail. Assessment emerged - are we teaching the right things? are we testing the right things? We need to rethink what students need and then design the assessment.

Session Block 3

Virtual Learning Communities (Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach) How VLC relate to teachers and students - visiting sites and using information as research is not a community. Came ujp with the word settlement instead of community. Welcomers to make you feel welcome at your space. Include facilitators to keep the discussions going.

Global Connections and Flat Classroom Ideals in a Web 2.0 World
(Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis) Clear objectives and purpose to sell project to administrators and teachers. It is not an add-on. Needs to be embedded. Unify with rubrics (singular rubric) that works with all classrooms. Consistent connectivity is the key. Flexible and fluent with Web 2.0 tools.

Videos and Engaging Learning (Rushton Hurley)
Focused on the nature of video as it being engaging for students. Safety vs live performance. Ability of video to generate community support. How using videos is helping as an assessment tool.

Creating a Competitive Voice: Digital Storytelling 2.0 (David Jakes)
Role of video and increasing importance. Focused on new tools (Jumpcut, etc), new media (cell phones capturing videos), new network (need for a student network that is safe for kids to post content),  new messages (kids telling compelling messages - have a say and find their voice). Importance of audience. Videos can be personal and helping kids finding meaning in their lives.

Sessions Block 4

Administration and School 2.0 (Chris Lehman)
We need to look at the way we use time, data, plan, structure our days and years, start with a plan. Planning time during the school year. Needs to be a vision of principal to direct this. Change physical space - teacher prep and teacher development.

Classroom 2.0 (Steve Hargadon)
Need for a database for links to all the resources to match curriculum needs and time frames. Tag standards and grade levels. Tag resources out of - Simple to bring other people on board.

Role of the Librarians in a Web 2.0 World (Joyce Valenza)
How library 2.0 and classroom 2.0 are merging - how to refocus and reclassify our job description.  The librarians  are your partner and their specialty is information technology. They can tag resources - the library is production space, where exciting learning happens.

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