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Women of the Web (WoW) Podcasting
By Barbara Bray    June 26, 2007 -- 06:42 PM

The night is getting dark in a deserted convention center (at NECC) - surreal with some of the audience listening in the Second Life room and Roxanne, Janice, and I listening to the ongoing podcast as it was happening ( Kind of weird just sitting a few feet away trying to listen with it delayed. Members of the audience shared their highlights of NECC. Ian Jukes presentation, the panel with David Warlick, Gwen Solomon, et al, and the main points were the connections and the people. So fun! I was lucky to add something on kids and podcasting.

Categories: "Women" "Blogs, Podcasts, Rss"

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By Tommy      January 4, 2010 -- 12:32 PM
Hey Barbara, I didn't know where else to write this but just curious if you ever lived in Arkansas.

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By small Barbara Bray      January 4, 2010 -- 12:57 PM
Hi Tommy - I live in Oakland, California. Was raised in Maryland. Have never lived in Arkansas but know lots of people who do. One thing about My eCoach and online communities; you can live anywhere and connect with others from anywhere.

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By small Teresa Roebuck      January 13, 2010 -- 07:34 PM
Hello, Tommy!
I live in Arkansas.  Do you teach?  I'm in Conway and am the President of the Global Association for Teaching Excellence.  Barbara is my friend and mentor!

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