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Blogging about Yourself
By Barbara Bray    September 25, 2007 -- 09:14 AM

Konrad Glogowski shared a post "Learning to be Myself" on his blog of proximal development that I recommend teachers to read who want to blog with their students. He starts out "If education is essentially a social process, then the teacher needs to be part of the learning community, not only as its facilitator but also as one of its members."

The blog he uses with his 8th grade students is all about him and how he relates to the curriculum. The title is not just his name but something catchy and he thought about for some time. He created an avatar and description that represents him and  designed a banner with pictures of his life.


f you think about 8th grade students, it really is all about them. The curriculum is foreign to them. If the teacher makes it personal and also shows that they are learning along with the students, there is a connection. Please read his
post and share your comments.

Categories: "Blogs, Podcasts, Rss" "Authentic Learning"

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