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Got Pecha Kucha?
By Barbara Bray    January 19, 2008 -- 09:52 AM

Pecha Kucha (which is Japanese for "the sound of conversation") has tapped into a demand for a forum in which people can present, minus boring content. 20 slides each shown for 20 seconds for a total of 6 minutes 40 seconds. Just think of really fast-powered storytelling before the next presenter is up. This keeps presentations concise, the interest level up and gives more people the chance to present. [source]

Go to Pecha Kucha Night to see presentations going on around the world. This was designed in 2003 for designers to show their work quickly. Daniel Pink writes about Pecha Kucha in his Wired article plus shares how images and signs if done right can provide empathy.

I can see this as a great storytelling technique for students and teachers. How about putting together Pecha Kucha events for your students? How about virtual Pecha Kucha sharing in eCoach using
SlideShare or VoiceThread?

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By Dean Shareski      April 11, 2008 -- 10:26 AM
I used this technique with my Pre-Service teachers as a wrap up of our course. I modified it to 9 slides for 20 seconds. Here are a couple of examples of their work:

Some also used VoiceThread. It's a great way to provide structure, promote conciseness and creativity.

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