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Come join us at the K12 Online Conference
By Barbara Bray    October 8, 2008 -- 09:28 AM

I created several teasers with different tools and decided on a short video trailer for my presentation at the K12 Online Conference. We were asked to prepare our presentation in a 20 minute downloadable format. What might be the best way is to create a website with downloadable presentations, videos, podcasts, and files.

What is my presentation about?

I have been very lucky to work with some amazing people in Pinellas County Schools, Florida with the EETT grant for cross-age cross-curriculum projects. This meant that 109 teachers and eMentors were going to design and implement six  6 week real-world projects that focused on science. That grant was for 2006-2007. Pinellas was awarded a new EETT grant this year to add two more schools K-8 and six more projects. The grant was written and coordinated by Pat Lusher, Academic Director, and  Cecelia Nauda, Program Director and will be providing data, evidence, and co-presenting. I want to share this project because teachers changed their teaching practice with the support, training, and resources they received. A project of this magnitude is not possible without administrative support and willingness for them to give teachers time to take risks and go beyond the curriculum. We want to show you how authentic learning engages students and teachers in the learning process and prove that high quality professional development makes the difference.

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