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What makes a hero?
By Barbara Bray    August 16, 2009 -- 11:41 AM

In these hard times, more people are offering their times and services to others in need. Here’s a few heroes from People magazine who are helping others in their areas:

Cars for Poor Families

Cars for Poor Families
Hal Colston has provied cars to more than 3,000 people for the purpose of getting to work and off welfare.

Free Motel Rooms to the Homeless

Free Motel Rooms to the Homeless
Tim and Nancy Niolai provided free shelter to more than 100 homeless people

Giving a Stranger Shelter

Giving a Stranger Shelter
Marilyn Mock bought a house to keep a perfect stranger from losing her home and then started a foundation to help save people from losing their homes.

Do you know of anyone in your city doing something you would like to share? We were thinking of starting a Heroes team to promote good causes. Maybe being a hero doesn't mean doing something as unique as the ones People magazine shared. My heroes are teachers who work in challenging environments.

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