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Invented Math Strategies with Abbott and Costello
By Barbara Bray    September 26, 2009 -- 02:52 PM

Math is beautiful and everywhere, but it isnít always easy for everyone. Creative teachers can open exciting doors for students with invented strategies for whole number computation. There are multiple ways to solve any one question. Check out some interesting and funny examples from some segments from Abbott and Costello. I used to watch these and never knew I was learning new ways to add or subtract.

13 x 7 = 28

Numbers Game

How about showing these to your students and have them come up with their own math skits?

Categories: "Whole Numbers" "Math" "Invented Strategies" "Addition" "Subtraction"

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By Pam Lowe      September 26, 2009 -- 03:30 PM
I think this is a great idea. I have shown the first skit and the Ma and Pa Division Skit ( to my students and we had some great discussions about problem solving.

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By small Barbara Bray      September 26, 2009 -- 04:22 PM
Thanks Pam - I found that video you mentioned on Teacher Tube.

Here is it is on Teacher Tube:

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