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What are people searching for?
By Barbara Bray    October 22, 2009 -- 10:28 PM

One of the cool things we have is a web analytics program to help us determine how many hits, unique visitors, and pages accessed daily and monthly. Our numbers are going way up. Yesterday, there were over 200,000 hits with 4,000 unique visitors. Trying to figure out what people want isnít always easy. We know we cannot create or find everything just anyone might be looking for. We have sent out surveys and had a pretty good return on respondents. Yet, the results may not always reflect what the mass majority of users really want. So within our analytics program, we can see the search terms that people have used in the last week that brings My eCoach up in the search results.

Hereís a Wordle of all the search terms people used yesterday that brought My eCoach up in their search results.
These search terms are different than what we think people are looking for. From this Wordle, it looks like teachers are searching for lesson plans, worksheets, and curriculum activities. Itís Fall, so there are searches for Harvest Festivals, holidays, and classroom management strategies. The top ten search terms were:

layers of the earth
dictionary day
spanish legends
california animals
inherited traits
fibonacci theory
classroom blogs
harvest celebrations
multiplying decimals games

What are you looking for?

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