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Social Marketing: The Social Media Revolution
By Barbara Bray    November 8, 2009 -- 03:45 PM

Iím using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and My eCoach for connections to family, friends and colleagues. Yet, something is happening about how my connections are working for me and My eCoach. I am noticing that when I post something to Twitter someone might retweet it. Thatís when you see RT in front of your @twittername and the information you posted earlier reposted by someone else.

Iíve uploaded a post with a link to Twitter only to have it be retweeted several times and show up on my page again but now associated with someone else. Iíve even seen it appear in my status updates and/or newsfeeds on Facebook from people in my network but who I've never met before.

When the connections in your Personal Learning Network (PLN) start growing to the point where many of your connections (i.e. Friends, Followers, Colleagues) are also connected to the others that may or may not be connected to the same connections, things start happening. Let's say you have 100 connections in your LinkedIn account. If those 100 connections are connected to 50 people each, that's over 5,000 connections. If you upload one post, who knows who will forward it to someone in their network that could get you a job or see your play.

We set up a
Facebook Fan Page for My eCoach and connected it to our My eCoach Twitter page that connected to my personal Facebook and personal Twitter accounts. I can send one tweet via my Tweetdeck or iPhone and it appears in several places connecting to different networks that may or may not connect with each other.

Okay - did I confuse you? Well, maybe, but check out this video I embedded from YouTube that someone in my network posted to Twitter where they probably received it from Facebook or other social media.

Some questions to think about:
  • How do you think you will be using these social media for you, your company, your brand?
  • How will you keep on top of the conversations if your network gets very large?
  • How will you encourage positive conversations that result in people hiring you, going to your school, reading your blog, etc.?
  • What if someone posts something undesirable about you?

Categories: "Linkedin" "My Ecoach" "Facebook" "Twitter" "Social Media" "Social Marketing"

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By small Barbara Bray      November 9, 2009 -- 07:31 AM
I just read Steve Johnson's post on Digital Footprints and how they will impact you if you are looking for a job. Check this video Steve created and posted on YouTube.

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