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Generations Use of Internet Explained
By Barbara Bray    December 3, 2009 -- 08:21 AM

From the report, Generations Online 2009 from Pew Internet and American Life, they found that over half of the adult population ages 18-44 are involved in internet use.

Generations Explained

It's interesting to find that the biggest increase in an age group is from the 70-75 year olds from 26% to 44% increase. I'm an older boomer who lives online and there are lots more like me. What does this report mean about the Gen X and Gen Y generations?

What I see is that more of all age groups are finding that the internet provides more for us now. It seems to me that in just two more years, social networking will play a big part in who is online. Right now older generations are using the Internet for banking, shopping, and research. With jobs in jeopardy, the flu, easy access to your medical and financial records, I see more activity online by all generations.

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