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What happened to all the cards?
By Barbara Bray    December 18, 2009 -- 08:35 AM

This is the first year I received more holiday greetings by email and Facebook instead of the number of cards I usually get. Yes, there are still some traditionalists (guess Iím one about this issue) who sent out some cards. I have display the ones I receive on my mantel. Am I supposed to print out what I receive online? Just doesn't seem the same. If people are purchasing items online, sending eCards, and Skyping instead of visiting their families, will this affect our economy? Of course!

The economy is affecting how much you spend on holiday presents and cards, but now there are alternatives online that cost much less. [economy affects Post Office] Fewer people are using snail mail. Hand-written letters only make up 3% of all mail. The post office has to shrink to survive. 180,000 postal jobs could be cut over the next 10 years. [source]

So if the Post Office may become obsolete, what about other businesses, government entities, and schools? Are we prepared for what will be?

The economy is in trouble around the world, not just in the US, and people are really hurting. I know - I know. Some of you will say that if the unemployment rate is around 10% than 90% are working. What about those not on unemployment but underemployed? What about those that need to work multiple jobs because they can only get very low pay jobs? What about the self-employed who cannot get contracts? or the contracts they get are a lot less than they used to get? I could go on, but more people are affected than the numbers show.

Our children will need jobs but what kinds of jobs are we talking about? Maybe they will need to be more of an entrepreneur, but will they know how to promote their services or products?

We need these conversations. How will we prepare our students for jobs when we don't know what kind of jobs that will be available?

Categories: "Jobs" "Economy" "Employment" "Post Office"

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