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Participating Online
By Barbara Bray    February 10, 2010 -- 06:41 PM

What does it mean to participate online? I asked a few of my teacher friends this who are more of the boomer age category. Many told me they really only felt comfortable with email. Some of them joined Facebook and have added friends. They usually do not comment on status updates from their friends. They send them a personal message.

At first, I thought that feeling comfortable only emailing instead of posting or commenting is only with boomers, but I am finding that people of all ages use different social media and participate in online learning communities for different purposes and in different ways.

I wanted to write about Stages of Concern again and how I believe it may relate to this new online world.

Stages of Concern
Expression of Concern
How People are Participating Online
I am not using online media.
I feel more comfortable using email and my word processing  programs. I search for information online.
Awareness I am not concerned about it.I use email to send pictures to my family and friends. I may even post pictures and write about myself in my profile on different social media. I am not concerned or are not aware of safety issues.
InformationalI would like to know more about it.I may watch video tutorials and have asked for help with my online accounts. I joined an online course or coaching program but may not follow through with all the assignments. I email my instructor questions instead of asking others in the class or community. I am not comfortable posting or commenting on other peopleís blogs, forums, or status updates.
How will using it affect me?
I am concerned about posting anything about myself. I joined different online groups, courses, and communities to collect resources that I need and want. I guess you would call me a lurker. I may use bookmarking programs and have my own  website. I may have started a blog but for personal reasons.
I seem to be spending all my time getting materials ready.
I spend way too much time using social media. I need to find a way to manage my time more efficiently. I canít remember all of my different logins and passwords. I have trouble avoiding chat or message requests from my friends even when Iím busy doing something else. I get off track when I start clicking on links.
How is my use affecting learners? How can I refine it to have more impact?
I create and publish lessons online for my students. I create quizzes and other activities that students can take online. I have my students either email me their work or drop it in a digital drop box. I am learning ways to develop group projects and have my students do more work online.
Collaboration How can I relate what I am doing to what others are doing?
I use social media like Twitter and Facebook to connect with others like me. I retweet or forward information I like to share. I joined groups on different social media and added my connections. I recommend others in Ning. I co-author projects and use Wikis or My eCoach with other teachers. I may use a team or wiki with my students.
Refocusing I have some ideas about something that would work even better.
I tend to see the bigger picture about how social media impacts others. I post to my blog regularly and link to others in my blogroll. I believe that itís time to change the status quo so I write about it, comment on other peopleís blogs, and use social media to get my ideas out. I present online either in webinars or online conferences.

This is my first draft of how Stages of Concern relates to social media and online communities. I welcome your feedback.

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