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The Power of Crowdsourcing
By Barbara Bray    April 5, 2010 -- 08:12 AM

Looking for a new way to connect to thousands maybe millions? Most of us are turning to the Internet and social media. CloudCrowd is a brainchild of talented software engineers and hackers who were frustrated with the Internet and how it could use the crowds to outsource.

From their about page:
CloudCrowd is the next evolution in business process outsourcing. The company uses the Internet to tap into vast underutilized pools of talent, labor, and creativity to get work done. CloudCrowd helps companies reduce overhead, increase efficiency, and lower costs by breaking large projects into smaller tasks, and distributing them via a proprietary online platform that brings work and workers together. CloudCrowd offers individuals new ways to make money, achieve recognition, and fit work into busy schedules.

Another way of using the crowds are Group-buying websites. Look at Social Buy that offers discount vouchers based on the number of people that buy the vouchers. Letís say you bought a $10 voucher for food to a specific restaurant that lets you purchase up to $20 worth of food. This restaurant may give you 24 hours for 9 more people to purchase the voucher and then you would receive an email notification that you could use the voucher and your credit card was then charged. Some sites offer a two to four day time frame.

I see the power of these crowdsourcing programs but am still skeptical to try them myself just yet. I'll be adding more and invite you to add any you find that will benefit others.

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By Amit      May 3, 2010 -- 09:47 PM
I was looking for such post.I would like to read more about this topic.

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