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The Way Free is Going
By Barbara Bray    April 15, 2010 -- 08:49 PM

Ning offers online networks and the ability for members to set up their own communities. Millions of people have used Ning for free. I wasn't even aware that there are premium versions. TechCrunch just announced that Ningís Bubble Burst - no more Free networks and cut 40% of its staff. What does this mean for you if you are on several networks (communities) in Ning?

Currently, Ningís premium options include support (which has a $10/month and $100/month options for different service levels); Custom domains ($5 a month); Extra storage and bandwidth ($10 a month); Ad removal ($25 a month) and the ability to hide any trace that youíre running on Ning ($25 a month).

There are over 1.9 million networks in Ning with 6 million unique visitors. Thatís alot of people.  How many of these are free members? Will they continue to use Ning if they have to pay a monthly fee? and if that monthly fee includes support?

Categories: "Free" "Online" "Community" "Ning" "Networks"

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By Teresa Roebuck      April 15, 2010 -- 09:16 PM
It means they should definitely check out My eCoach, that is what it means. Free is alluring, but I don't mind paying for quality!

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