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Tread Softly on Their Dreams
By Barbara Bray    May 25, 2010 -- 01:10 PM

Sir Ken Robinson talk explains about doing your passion, doing what you are good at and personalizing learning. It's all the things I've been saying for so long. Not everyone is supposed to go to college. How he puts it is that human talent is diverse. It's the diversity that makes us who we are. School, starting in Kindergarten, is focused on getting everyone into college and follows the manufacturing model. That model is broken. He is so right. We are in a revolution and reforming this model will not make it work. I'm curious what you think of his talk. It's under 17 minutes but I highly recommend taking that short time to view it. Please share your thoughts below.

Categories: "Sir Ken Robinson" "Passion" "Change" "Future" "Learning" "School" "Revolution" "Creativity"

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By Khephra      May 25, 2010 -- 03:25 PM
Loved it; every bit as incisive and provocative as I've come to expect from Sir Ken. He's one of my greatest role models. However, with that said, I think he consistently glosses over issues of class. His 'educational revolution' is only a slice of our challenge. The problems inherent to the Western "linear" approach aren't accidental; they've been deployed intentionally. The effects (e.g. a general disinclination for critical inquiry, oppositionalism, social stratification, etc) are aspects of class war. IMO, seine should introduce Sir Ken to John Taylor Gatto. ;)

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