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Thank you Teachers!!!
By Barbara Bray    July 3, 2010 -- 09:31 AM

This song is for those who inspire us. Thank you!!!

Categories: "Teaching" "Teachers" "Inspiration" "Thanks" "Proud" "Make A Difference"

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By small Celeste Roche      July 4, 2010 -- 03:10 PM
Very nice!  Thank you 

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By small Russ Knopp      July 4, 2010 -- 04:18 PM
Thank you for sharing this reminder of why we do what we do.

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By small Irazema Valdivieso      April 24, 2012 -- 11:25 AM

Thank you for sharing this song with us; it's a much needed song and perhaps one that is not heard enough anywhere. This is an inspiration to me & reminded me of my life's purpose.


I believe most teachers are an inspiration to most of their students.  Teachers are held to a higher moral standard, because of this... so let's be mindful, caring & compassionate to our students, always.  I believe that 99% of teachers want to do their best for their students; the 1% needs to know to quickly leave the profession.

This song reminded me of why I decided to become a teacher. Some of us are teachers in our childhood... others grew into it. Either way, do it well & be proud of your dedication & hard work

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