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ISTE Newbie Project
By Rich Cantrell    February 20, 2011 -- 10:33 AM

Beth Still, a passionate educator, from Scottsbluff,  Nebraska started the ISTE Newbie Project in 2009. She started the project to show the value and power of a Personal Learning Network (PLN). Each year for the Newbie project,  Beth finds someone that has not attended an ISTE conference and organizes a fund-raising campaign to raise money to help that person attend the conference.


Look at the first two selections she made: Richard Byrne and Jason Schrage. You can see she has a great eye for educators that are making a difference with kids! Richard and Jason are both social studies teachers. They are making a difference not only with kids, but they are also making significant contributions to educators’ worldwide.


This year Beth has chosen George Couros, a principal from Stony Plain, Alberta Canada.

Here is what she has to say about this year’s selection:

I had a feeling I would face some tough questions about why I selected an administrator to be the Newbie for 2011 and my personal learning network did not let me down.  Over the past 5 months quite a few people have asked me to defend my choice.  Since this project would not be possible without your financial support I am more than happy to explain my reasoning.   I cannot emphasize enough that I really believe in George and his ability to have a positive impact on education.   He is a role model for both teachers and administrators.  He is passionate about sharing, learning, teaching, and communicating and I believe he deserves the opportunity to attend ISTE.  If you believe in either this project or in George Couros please click here to make a donation to help send him to Philadelphia this summer.


The magic equations to make this year’s Newbie project successful:
A Small Donation From All = The Project Goal

Add your support to the Newbie project by making a comment.

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