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1.  Universal
Exploring the Earth's Biosphere
A Big Ball Covered With Life! This WebQuest will provide an exciting look into the E...
Grades: All

2.  Universal

3.  Universal
There are many different animal families that exist.  Certain animals belong to ...
Grades: 1


Results 1 thru 9 of 9 total resources.

1.  Video
African Elephant
The African elephant is the largest land animal on Earth. It can weigh up to 7 tons and...
Curriculum: Science
2.  Video
Giraffe Eating Leaves
Giraffes are highly selective feeders, feeding primarily on the leaves and shoots of tr...
Curriculum: Science
3.  Video
Lioness Video
Female lions weigh less than 300 pounds and are much smaller than their male counterpar...
Curriculum: Science
4.  Image
(Adra Dama) gazelles are medium-sized antelopes and their name represents grace and bea...
5.  Video
Vervet (Green Monkey)
The vervet (green monkey) averages 18-26 inches in height and 7-10 pounds. The green mo...
Curriculum: Science
6.  Video
Grant's Zebra
Zebras are odd-toed ungulates. Grant's zebra is one of several sub-species of plains ze...
Curriculum: Science
7.  Video
Meerkat Diet
Meerkats have an incredible sense of smell that enables them to locate concealed prey, ...
Curriculum: Science
8.  Video
The meerkat is a a member of the mongoose family and lives in the dry open country in s...
Curriculum: Science
9.  Video
Spotted Hyena in a Zoo
The spotted hyena is the largest of the three hyena species. Female hyenas are larger t...
Curriculum: Science

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