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Results 11 thru 20 of 24 total projects.

11.  Web Resource List (WRL)
War of 1812
Review and read the websites below to determine what events led to the War of 1812.
Curriculum: History/Social Science
Grades: 8

12.  Custom Project
Experiencing The Civil War
Students will experience the Civil War as soldiers by creating artifacts related to a s...
Curriculum: English/Language Arts
Grades: 5, 8

13.  Custom Project
War of 1812 - Mediation Between the Parties
The War of 1812 had many sides. The student superimposes today's knowledge, facts and m...
Curriculum: Business, Reading, English/Language Arts, Economics, Geography, Technology
Grades: 8

14.  Custom Project
Bayonets to Bustling Mill Towns
Students are exploring community roles during the Industrial Revolution. They will also...
Curriculum: Science, English/Language Arts, Technology
Grades: 7, 8, 9

15.  Custom Project
The Bombs Bursting in Air
This project explores the significant people, the revolutionary events, and the importa...
Curriculum: Reading, English/Language Arts
Grades: 8

16.  Web Resource List (WRL)
Bayonets to Bustling Mill Towns
The War of 1812 had a great and lasting impact on industry and life in general in Ameri...
Curriculum: History/Social Science, Science, Economics, Technology
Grades: 6, 7, 8

17.  Activity
Characters of the Texas Revolution
Students are to chose one individual from the list of important characters for an in de...
Curriculum: History/Social Science
Grades: 7

18.  Web Resource List (WRL)
Winds of War Scavenger Hunt
Below you will find a description of each of the projects you can select to earn your p...
Curriculum: History/Social Science, English/Language Arts
Grades: 5

19.  Web Resource List (WRL)
World War II
This web resource list is designed to assist you in completing the objective needed to ...
Curriculum: History/Social Science
Grades: 11

20.  Activity
Rules of war
Learners will examine the complexity of achieving war related goals within defined limits.
Curriculum: History/Social Science
Grades: 8


Results 11 thru 20 of 28 total resources.

11.  Image
This guard is a member of the elite company that guards the tomb of the unknown soldier...
Curriculum: History/Social Science
Grades: All
12.  Image
Women in Military Service for America Sign
At the Arlington National Cemetery there is a large monument to Service Women. It cont...
Curriculum: History/Social Science
Grades: All
13.  Image
Arlington National Cemetary
Picture taken in November of the Arlington National Cemetary which is where many servic...
Curriculum: History/Social Science
Grades: All
14.  Image
Air Force Memorial
Picture taken from a distance of the sculpture by the Air Force Memorial.
15.  Web Site
Teacher CyberGuide: Sadako and the Thousand Pap...
Visit this teacher-oriented site for Eleanor Coerr's children's book Sadako and the ...
Curriculum: English/Language Arts, Reading
Grades: 7
16.  Web Site
All Quiet on the Western Front: a student guide
Check out this site written by a fourth-grade student as his project on All Quiet on...
17.  Image
Gas chamber at Dachau concentration camp in Germany
18.  Web Site
The Battle of Gettysburg 1863
Story of the Battle of Gettysburg that chronicles how General Robert E. Lee led his arm...
Curriculum: History/Social Science
Grades: 5, 8, 11, 12
19.  Web Site
America's Wars and Casualties
Statistics on participants, deaths in services, and living veterans starting with the A...
Curriculum: History/Social Science
Grades: 8, 9, 10, 11
20.  Web Site
Questions on the American Revolution
Think you know everything about the American Revolution? Try answering a few questions ...
Curriculum: History/Social Science
Grades: 5

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