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11.  Image
Beautiful Trees
Trees around the Whirlpool, Niagara Falls, starts to change color. October 2006. water, New York, Northeast, autumn
12.  Image
Racoon in a Tree
Raccoon in a tree at a picnic area in Witchita Mountains NWR and Oklahoma. They look so cute, but they are wild animals with very sharp claws and teeth. (Key...
13.  Image
Snowy Pinecone
A first snow in Truckee filled the needles and covered the pinecone.
14.  Image
Coconut Tree
Coconut Tree in Redang Island, Malaysia. (Keywords: plants, trees, round, fruit)
15.  Image
The World beyond the Cave
Serene meadow accessible through the "Kek Loke Tong" cave, Ipoh, Malaysia. It is a recreation area for local residents.
16.  Image
Mangrove tree in St. Thomas US Virgin Islands. (Keywords: trees, roots)
17.  Image
Fallen Tree
An image of fallen tree branch.

(Keywords: tree branch, plant stem)

18.  Image
Tree Stumps
Tree stumps of the Pacific Ocean and Bodega Bay. (Keywords: tree stumps, water, ocean, coastal)
19.  Image
Icicles hanging from a rooftop after a heavy snow. The sun glistens on the ice and snow.
20.  Image
Black and white close-up of bark on a tree.

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