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21.  Image
Black and white photo of tree branches.
22.  Image
Tree and Haunted House
What looks scarier? The Haunted House in the background or the tree in front of it. This black and white photo offers an interesting view that may be difficu...
23.  Image
Christmas Tree
Original sketch of a Christmas tree. (Keywords: holidays, symbols, celebrations)
24.  Image
Fruit orchard in the Central Valley that was overwatered. (Keywords: plants, farming, trees)
25.  Image
Fruit trees in rows right before the flowers bloom. (Keywords: orchards, plants, farming)
26.  Image
Apple Tree
New apples growing on the tree starting to turn red and almost ready for picking.
27.  Image
Walnut Nuts on Tree
Walnut tree (Juglans regia) with developing nuts along road to Scott Mountain in Witchita Mountains NWR, Oklahoma. (Keywords, walnuts, walnut trees, witchita...
28.  Image
Mini Ecosystem on a Stump
Old cypress stump with forbs and mosses colonizing it. Taken in Lake Mauapaus, Louisiana. (Keywords: tree, plants, freshwater, wildlife)
29.  Image
Shelf Fungi
Shelf fungi on tree. Taken in Lake Mauapaus, Louisiana. (Keywords: tree trunk, bark, fungus, Basidiomycetes)
30.  Image
Path to River
On my trip to New Mexico, i came across this grass lined path that led to the Red River.The sun was filtering down through the trees. (Keywords: water, fores...

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"I founded SAV school to educate poor family children of the rural area of Nepal seeing some parents unwilling to educate their children and some parents willing to send their children to teach them english. I've been focusing my strategy to bring the poor children to school and educate them in English medium. Parents love to hear their children speaking English. English is our second language. I look forward to sharing and connecting in My eCoach

pictureGovinda Panthy
SAV School - Bhaktapur, Nepal

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