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41.  Image
Palm Trees and Mountains
Palm trees sway before the desert mountains in Palm Springs, Califronia
42.  Image
Palm Shadows
Shadows of palm trees against the desert morning sky
43.  Image
Desert Mountains
Palm trees swaying before the desert mountains
44.  Image
Desert Morning
Palm trees swaying in the morning breeze before the desert mountains
45.  Image
Pine Cones
Pine cones fallen from a pine tree
46.  Image
Fall in Yosemite
Fall day in the Yosemite Valley
47.  Image
Gold Tree
Blooming large tree with beautiful gold Autumn leaves
Curriculum: Science
48.  Image
Hummingbird with Nectar
If you look close, you can see the nectar on the top of the hmmingbird's bill
Curriculum: Science
49.  Image
Colorful Hummingbird
Interesting photo of a green and yellow hummingbird surrounded by a circle of leaves
Curriculum: Science
50.  Image
Small Maple Tree
Small Japanese Maple tree with brilliant red Autumn leaves in a large planter

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