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Rocks, Minerals, and Soil
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31.  Image
Snowy River under Bridge
Bridge over the Truckee River in the Sierra mountains. Early snow is just starting to melt. (Keywords: rocks, mountain, river, water, bridges)
32.  Image
Rocks in the Snow
Along a path next to the Truckee River, rocks lie in a pattern as they peek through an early snow.
Curriculum: Mathematics, Science
33.  Image
Snowy River
A new snow along the Truckee River. (Keywords: rocks, water, river, snow, trees)
34.  Image
Pine Cones with Rocks
Pine cones on rocks along a mountain trail during an early snow.
35.  Image
Rock Patterns
Rocks in a pattern along a snowy path in the Sierra mountains. (Keywords: rocks, minerals, mountains, patterns)
Curriculum: Mathematics, Science
36.  Image
Melting Snow
When snow first starts melting, the earth is warmer than the snow. So the snow next to the earth under the top layer of snow starts to melt first. You can ac...
37.  Image
Rock in Ice
Ice starting to melt around a rock looks like a painting. (Keywords: snow, ice, rocks)
38.  Image
Lichen Covered Boulders on Scott Mountain
This is a photograph of lichens, a fungus that is covering the boulders of Scott Mountain.(Keywords: lichens, fungus, boulders, green,mountain, boulders)
39.  Image
Inspiration Point
What a View! When you enter Yosemite Valley from the north, you go through a tunnel and see this spectacular view. That's why they call it Inspiration Point....
40.  Image
The Majestic El Cap
Spread out below the morning sky, El Capitan fills the sky for all in Yosemite Valley to see. (Keywords: mountains, forests, parks)

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