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Directory > Science > Earth Science > Weather and Climate > Clouds

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21.  Image
Clouds in Wyoming
Cumulus and Stratus clouds on the plains in Wyoming
Curriculum: Science
22.  Image
Hunting Dog
Large dog sitting in the field among the mountains and beautiful clouds waiting to go on a hunt
Curriculum: Science
23.  Image
San Francisco Bay
View of the bay and cirrus clouds
Curriculum: Science
24.  Image
San Francisco Bay in Black and White
Black and white photo of the bay
Curriculum: Science
25.  Image
Night sky in Costa Rica
A picture of the sky at nighttime in Costa Rica
26.  Image
Stormy Skies
A stormy day in Kensignton Gardens, England
27.  Image
Kensington Gardens on a Stormy Day
Rainy day with ominous cloudy sky in Kensington Gardens, England
Curriculum: History/Social Science, Science

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