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  • Akbar (2)
  • Alighieri, Dante (2)
  • Angelou, Maya (2)
  • Anthony, Susan B. (2)
  • Aquinas, Thomas (2)
  • Arkwright, Richard (2)
  • Armstrong, Louis (1)
  • Beethoven, Ludwig Van (2)
  • Chavez, Cesar (1)
  • Churchill, Winston (1)
  • Columbus, Christopher (1)
  • Da Vinci, Leonardo (2)
  • Douglass, Frederick (4)
  • Einstein, Albert (4)
  • Franklin, Benjamin (3)
  • Ghandi, Mohatma (3)
  • Hitler, Adolf (1)
  • Jesus (1)
  • King, Jr., Martin Luther (10)
  • Malcolm X (1)
  • Michelangelo (3)
  • Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1)
  • Parks, Rosa (2)
  • Tubman, Harriet (2)

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    51.  Web Site
    Series on evolution, Darwin, change, extinction, survival, and human impact. Teacher and student guides. (Keywords: Charles Darwin)
    Curriculum: Science
    Grades: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
    52.  Web Site
    Time 100: Leaders and Revolutionaries
    It's Time magazine on the net! (Keywords: current events, news, people, countries, war, politics)
    Curriculum: English/Language Arts, History/Social Science, Reading
    Grades: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
    53.  Image
    Sam Houston
    Sam Houston played a crucial role in the founding of Texas. He became the first president of Texas in 1836 while it was an independent republic.
    Curriculum: History/Social Science
    54.  Web Site
    Martin Luther King, Jr. Lesson Plans
    Read-Write-Think has lessons and resources including interactive activities. This site uses King's speeches to construct your own poems, guidance in finding ...
    Curriculum: History/Social Science
    Grades: 3, 4, 5
    55.  Image
    John Brown
    Pencil sketch of John Brown. John Brown fought at Harper's Ferry during the Civil War. Rosalie Ritz, courtroom artist, created this sketch for teachers and s...
    Curriculum: History/Social Science
    56.  Image
    Robert E. Lee
    Pencil sketch of Robert E. Lee in uniform as commander of Confederate forces during the Civil War. Rosalie Ritz, courtroom artist, drew this picture of Rober...
    Curriculum: History/Social Science
    Grades: 5, 8, 11
    57.  Image
    Frederick Douglass
    Frederick Douglass as a young man. Rosalie Ritz, famous courtroom artist, has drawn a pencil sketch of Frederick Douglass for teachers and students to use wi...
    Curriculum: History/Social Science
    58.  Book
    Extraordinary African-Americans: From Colonial ...
    Profiles of over 100 African Americans who have contributed their talents to the United States
    59.  Web Site
    Biographical information of famous people
    Curriculum: English/Language Arts, History/Social Science
    Grades: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
    60.  Web Site
    Cesar Chavez Biography
    One page of text that describes Cesar Chavez's life with dates and events in narrative form.
    Curriculum: History/Social Science
    Grades: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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    "I am a teacher at 107th elementary school in LAUSD, an inner-city school. Everything good that is given to us - is then taken away. The CADRE has brought art, music, dance, drama and light to a very difficult academic community. The Cadre is the only wonderful experience happening at 107th street school - this program needs to be continually funded. As well as encouraging students to find new areas of expertise, the teachers participate and learn about programs new to them as well. The Kathryn Dunham Dance Company was totally inspiring and intriguing as I got a taste of the dance the students would learn. The Marchall Dance Company was the only HOLIDAY PROGRAM my 1st graders received this year - and it was a dandy! Just Great! Samuel, a 1st grader in my class, was called to join in the welcoming dance and my whole class was proud of him and he was elated. Please, continue the funding for the CADRE. Thank you. Rosemary Pluskat"

    Rosemary Pluskat
    We need you!
    LAUSD - Los Angeles, California

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