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Points of Interest
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61.  Image
A Church in the Kremlin
Front of a church in the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia (Keywords: travel, tourism, religion, architecture, arches)
62.  Image
Looking up at a Kremlin Church
Looking up at the spires of a Kremlin Church in Moscow, Russia (Keywords: travel, tourism, architecture, religion)
63.  Image
Spires of a Kremlin Church
Beautiful day in the Kremlin looking up at the church spires in Moscow, Russia (Keywords: tourism, travel, architecture, government)
64.  Image
Kuskovo Museum Front
Outside the front of Kuskovo museum, Moscow, Russia (Keywords: travel, aarchitecture, tourism)
65.  Image
St. Basilica Cathedral in Moscow
St. Basilica Cathedral in Red Square in Moscow, Russia (Keywords: point of interest, city, tourism)
66.  Image
St. Petersburg Church
Ornate church in St. Petersburg, Russia which was completely renovated by 1992. (Keywords: travel, points of interest, religion)
67.  Image
Abstract View of the Kremlin
An interesting view of the Kremlin church against a beautiful sky in Moscow, Russia (Keywords: travel, points of interest, clouds, sky)
68.  Image
Monument at Kensington
Kensington monument was refurbished in Spring 2002 near London, England (Keywords: tourism, travel, points of interest)
69.  Image
Inside the Kusokovo Museum
Interior of Kusokovo Museum in Moscow, Russia (Keywords: interior decoration, travel, tourism)
70.  Image
Eiffel Tower
View of the Eiffel Tower from Champs du Mars. (Keywords: France, Paris, geometry, historical sites)
Curriculum: Foreign Language

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