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Directory > Arts > Music

15 subcategories 29 Projects 47 Resources

  • Classical (6)
  • Composers (9)
  • Country (1)
  • Ear Training (3)
  • Hip Hop (6)
  • Instrumental Music (11)
  • International (8)
  • Jazz (7)
  • Music Theory (11)
  • Opera (2)
  • Read/Write/Perform Music (17)
  • Rhythm and Blues (1)
  • Rock and Roll (1)
  • Songs/Lyrics (11)
  • Vocal Music (6)

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    Results 31 thru 40 of 47 total resources.

    31.  Image
    Milwaukee Opera House
    Interesting lighting of the interior of the Milwaukee Opera House. (Keywords: architecture, buildings, music, lighting)
    32.  Image
    Opera House
    Interior of the Milwaukee Opera House looking up at the intricate decorations of the ceiling and balconies. (Keywords: architecture, buildings, lighting, music)
    33.  Image
    Trumpet Player
    This is a photograph of a man playing the trumpet. (Keywords man, trumpet, performing, music)
    Curriculum: Performing Arts
    34.  Image
    The zampona or panpipe is the traditional musical instrument of Peru made of bamboo and reeds. (Keywords: instrument, Peru, South America, music)

    This reso...

    35.  Image
    African Thumb Piano
    This is a musical instrument called an mbira. It is made of soft wood and some thin pieces of metal which are arranged in such a way that they produce some m...
    Curriculum: Performing Arts
    36.  Web Site
    Viva Spanish
    In this web site, you will learn Spanish phrases, songs, and colors and pronunciation tips. This is an elementary school that teaches Spanish in Kindergarten...
    Curriculum: Foreign Language
    Grades: Pre-K, K, 1, 2, 3, 4
    37.  Image
    The colorful House of Blues in New Orleans declares "In blues we trust"
    38.  Web Site
    Adam of the Road Teacher Guide
    This SCORE CyberGuide is about "Adam of the Road" by Elizabeth Janet Gray. This guide provides resources for students to study the music, children and occupa...
    Curriculum: History/Social Science
    Grades: 7
    39.  Image
    Playing the Flute
    Flute section of elementary children in a school band
    40.  Image
    A small instrument that uses a bow and string held between the shoulder and chin is made up of pieces of wood cut out and glued together and consists of only...
    Curriculum: Performing Arts

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