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Curriculum Development
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Results 41 thru 50 of 80 total resources.

41.  Web Site
Concept to Classroom
A series of workshops that include tips and strategies of best practices including After-School programs, Assessment, Constructivism, Cooperative and Collab...
42.  Web Site
How to Write Effective Behavior Objectives
At some point, almost every teacher, especially new teachers and teacher education students, must learn to write objectives for student behavior or perform...
43.  Web Site
Back to School Websites
A back to school resource for teachers that includes advice, activities, ice breakers, poems, bulletin board ideas, songs, lesson plans for at least the firs...
44.  Document or Handout
My eCoach® Online Get Started Guide
A 2 page tutorial on using My eCoach® Online.

Please keep in mind that the Guides are for My eCoach® Online members only. Members who are K-12 teacher...
Curriculum: Technology

45.  Web Site
Cooperative and Collaborative Learning
Workshop from concept to classroom on collaborative classrooms with detailed explanations, demonstrations, explorations, implementations, discussions, and re...
46.  Web Site
The Project Approach
A project is defined here as an in-depth investigation of a real world topic worthy of children's attention and effort.The Project Approach refers to a set o...
47.  Web Site
Collaborative Projects
Investigate, research inquire, and publish. This site includes instructional stategies for collaborative projects, examples of projects, rubrics, field trips...
48.  Web Site
Identifying Collaborative Web Pages
Sketch page is an outline that includes on-collaborative web pages with examples of home pages, informational articles, hot lists, treasure hunts, and web-ba...
49.  Web Site
The Collaborative Classroom
A thorough site on collaboration in four sections: elements of collaborative learning, the teacher's role in a collaborative claswsroom, assessment in a coll...
50.  Web Site
What is a Collaborative Classroom?
Article that provides the four characteristics of a thinking classroom. Characteristics that derive from this agenda include in-depth learning; involving stu...

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"Research has borne out the potential for Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) as an aid to educators in support of each other, and, to improve the teaching and learning environment by modeling the self-organization and self-determination that are hallmarks of independent, lifelong learners. These characteristics help to reinforce the idea that everyone at school is both a teacher and a learner. My eCoach is the best tool of which I am aware that can support these self-organized, peer-learning groups.

Without question, My eCoach is a one-of-a-kind innovation that similar Open Source tools find difficult to approximate generally because there does not exist the same level of customer service. What My eCoach has made unique, no other has come close to creating the kind of safe, scaffolding environment of this system. Although a proprietary system, My eCoach is an "open environment" with the ability to integrate other school and district tools including Open Source tools."

pictureBernice Stafford
Educational Consultant
CILC - Carlsbad, California

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