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21.  Image
Sea Cucumber
This is a photograph of a sea cucumber, but don't let the name fool you. It is an animal, not a vegetable! (Keywords, sea, cucumber, warm water, animal, ocea...
22.  Image
This is a photograph of mussles on the ocean floor. (Keywords, ocean, mussles, mollusks, tidepools)
Curriculum: Science
23.  Image
White Alligator
This is a photograph of a white alligator. (Keywords, alligator, wetlands, reptile, animals, gulf coast)
Curriculum: Science
24.  Image
Spotted Jellyfish
Photograph of a spotted jellyfish, (Keywords, ocean, water, sea, jellyfish, spotted jellyfish,oceanography)
Curriculum: Science
25.  Video
Sea Nettles
Sea Nettles are a type of jelly fish whose range include the coastal waters off Alaska to California, Japan, Kamshatka, the Aleutian Islands and the Bering Sea.
Curriculum: Science
26.  Image
Upsidedown Jellies
Upsidedown jelly fish
27.  Image
Jellyfish are 98% water. While most types of jellyfish live in the ocean, few are found in freshwater. Their long tentacles are poisonous and used for catchi...
28.  Image
Sunset in Punta Negra
A bronze summer sunset fills the sky.
29.  Image
Corals are part of a biological group called Cnidaria. Tentacles of varying size usually surround the mouth of a coral and pushes food into its body (one big...
30.  Image
Pelican Side
Proud pelican standing awaiting to take off to find dinner. (Keywords: birds, ocean)

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