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81 Resources

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31.  Image
Shell and Sand
A shell looks like it is sinking into the sand on the beach. (Keywords: ocean, water)
32.  Image
Pelican Shoulder
A pelican sitting on a branch above the water looking over his shoulder. (Keywords: birds)
33.  Image
Pelican on the Rocks
A pelican sitting amongst rocks, twigs, and water. (Keywords: birds, ocean)
34.  Image
Ocean Waves
Waves on the Pacific Ocean on the beach. (Keywords: water)
35.  Image
Palm Tree on Beach
Palm tree against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean and beach. (Keywords: water, people, tourists)
36.  Image
Kelp on Beach
Kelp on the beach looks like it is alive and crawling across the sand. The crystals in the sand are moving with the kelp. (Keywords: plants, ocean)
Curriculum: Science
37.  Image
Kelp Pointing
Kelp in the sand looks like it is pointing the way. (Keywords: sea, plants, beach)
Curriculum: Science
38.  Image
Ocean Reflection
Colorful clouds reflecting on the ocean in Hawaii. (Keywords: cloud, cloudy, sky, weather, sunsets)
Curriculum: Science
39.  Image
Kayak with Dolphins
Paddling toward Wakiki following a pod of dolphins
Curriculum: History/Social Science, Science
40.  Image
View from the Point
Group of friends watching the waves on a beach in Mexico

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