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41.  Image
Mouth of the River
Center wave shows where the mouth of the river flows into the ocean in Mexico
42.  Image
Mexico Surfing
Along the Mexican coast, Mariah is the only surfer on a perfect wave
43.  Image
Surfing in Mexico
Perfect waves for a solo surfer along the Mexican coast
44.  Image
Under the Rock Shelf
Clear water shows colorful marine life under the rock shelf where we were scuba diving
45.  Image
Successful Diving
What a great day! Saw amazing marine life. Scuba diving is a wonderful sport.
46.  Image
Ready Set Dive
Found a great scuba diving site and now ready to descend
47.  Image
Entering the Best Diving Spot
Here we are entering the water in a great scuba diving spot
48.  Image
Getting Ready to Dive
Walking down to a perfect diving spot
49.  Image
Suiting Up
Getting ready to go scuba diving, here we are helping each other suit up
50.  Image
Preparing to Scuba Dive
Checking out and scoping for a good site to dive
Curriculum: Physical Education

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