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11.  Image
The Mexican Tarantula
The Mexican Red-legged Tarantula (Brachypelma smithi) has bright-red leg markings. Tarantulas are harmless to humans and can be trained as pets. The Tarantul...
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Palm Trees and Mountains
Palm trees sway before the desert mountains in Palm Springs, Califronia
13.  Image
Palm Shadows
Shadows of palm trees against the desert morning sky
14.  Image
New Mexico Rock Formations
New Mexico has many mountains of rock formed by volcanic ash millions of years ago.
Curriculum: Science
15.  Image
Eastern Sierras
Rocks and grass on a hill in the eastern Sierras. This is the environment many of the pioneers travelled over on their way west.
Curriculum: History/Social Science, Science
16.  Image
Eastern Sierra
On the eastern side of the Sierras, there are deserts and rocky terrain.
Curriculum: History/Social Science, Science
17.  Image
Mature Joshua Tree
This Joshua Tree was taken in high desert country in Hesperia, CA . The Joshua Tree, the largest of the yuccas, thrives in dry soils on plains, slopes, and ...
Curriculum: Science
18.  Image
Sedimentary Layers
Geologists study these sedimentary layers in order to reconstruct ancient landscapes and, in turn, determine how these landscapes changed over time.
Curriculum: Science, History/Social Science
19.  Image
Balancing Rock in Arches Park
Arches National Park located just outside of Moab, Utah. This area was used by ancient people, and later by the Anasazi, Fremont and Utes tribes. Balancing R...
Curriculum: Science
20.  Image
Balancing Rock
Sedimentary rocks with natural rock openings and layers in Colorado Plateau. Balancing Rock lies atop an underground sald bed that was deposited 300 million ...
Curriculum: Science

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