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1.  Web Site
Idaho Quickfacts from the US Census Bureau
Browse through the census facts about the state of Idaho. Find out about Idaho's population, geography, and businesses as it compares to the United States av...
Curriculum: History/Social Science, Geography
2.  Image
Snake River Valley
The Snake River is one of the major rivers of the West with its head waters flowing from Yellowstone National Park. Snake River runs through Idaho Falls prov...
Curriculum: Geography, Science, History/Social Science
3.  Image
Perrine Memorial Bridge
The first Perrine Memorial Bridge was open in 1927. It towered 475 feet above the Snake River Canyon, and was the highest bridge in existence at the time. Th...
Curriculum: History/Social Science, Geography
4.  Image
Outline map of Idaho
Curriculum: History/Social Science
5.  Image
Snake River
The Snake River is the defining geographical feature of Idaho. Rising in the Rocky Mountains, it flows into Idaho from Wyoming in a northwest direction, turn...
Curriculum: History/Social Science, Science
6.  Image
City of Rocks
View from the top of City of Rocks National Reserve in Idaho. The exposed rocks were shaped by the forces of erosion; the tops dissolved by rainwater and mi...
Curriculum: Science, History/Social Science
7.  Web Site
City of Rocks National Reserve
Culture and historical information about the City of Rocks area in Idaho.
Curriculum: Science, History/Social Science
8.  Image
City of Rocks
City of Rocks National Reserve in Idaho was a favorite encampment for pioneers traveling in covered wagon trains. Many wrote their names in axle grease on t...
Curriculum: Science, History/Social Science
9.  Image
City of Rocks National Reserve
City of Rocks is a 15,000-acre reserve contains massive granite spires and sculptured rock formations that yield about 500 climbing routes.
Curriculum: Science, History/Social Science

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