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The Empower Agency by Making Learning Personal Standalone course has five modules that include videos, resources, references, take aways, and forum discussions. The activities are optional for you to go deeper into learner-centered environments and to include your voice and choice on your own time at your own pace.


Big Question: How can you empower agency so students own and drive their learning?


Cost is $59 for this open-ended standalone course.

($25 for My eCoach members)


Module Descriptions:


Module 1: Define Personalized Learning and Learner Agency

Review the learning theorists and different approaches to teaching and learning: whole class, differentiation, individualization, and personalization. Review research on the future of learning. Develop a common language around personalized learning and learner agency.


Module 2: Explore Learner-Centered Models

Learn about the different models of personalized learning from around the world. Identify characteristics you would like to see in your classroom and school. Understand how competency-based education fits with personalized learning.


Module 3: UDL, Backpack, and Toolkit

Learn about Universal Design for Learning, neuroscience and how learners learn best. Start creating your Personal Learning Backpack for you and the Classroom Toolkit for your classroom that includes tools, resources, instructional methods, learning strategies, competencies, and skills.


Module 4: Changing Culture and Relationships

Read and reflect on articles on personal needs and relationship to school practices. Determine how you can include fixed vs growth mindset activities with your class. Review the culture building activities and reflect on how you can align the activities in your class to your school district mission.


Module 5: Planning for a Learner-Centered Environment

Review different flexible learning environments and what that means for your classroom and school. Develop a plan for your next steps to create a learner-centered environment with your students. Identify your goals for the year and the support and resources you might need to meet those goals.



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"Thank you for such a well designed site for this course! All the links work, and it is easy to maneuver from one place to another. I like how the assignments are clearly listed and have the date next to them. I can get right to learning when I log on rather than struggling to figure out how how to get from place to place. Iím taking another online course now and it is a nightmare and very frustrating.

Thanks for making this a good experience!"

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