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Food Webs and Food Chains

By Patsy
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"Where do animals and plants get their energy from?"

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Grade Level: 4

Curriculum Area:
Focus: Science

Food Webs and Food Chains

Direction of Energy in Food Chain, Disruptions in Food Chain/Web, Understanding Levels of Food Chains

Eight days
Students need to realize that all sections of the ecosystem, down to grasses and insects, are vital parts of a complex system. They will accomplish this by exploring websites that explain what food webs are and why they are important. Students will then make their own food webs (placing themselves within the web) so that they can visualize what foods they consume and relate it to other animals. By writing a creative story that fantasizes about a world that suddenly loses it population of spiders, they will imagine the impacts of disruptions in the food chain.

Understanding how energy travels from the sun into a body is an important concept to expose fourth graders to. By studying food chains and food webs, they will be able to see the flow of energy through ecosystems. They will also visually see interruptions in the food chain to understand the necessity of conservation.