My Alphabet Book

By Jenni Cummings
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"Why is phonemic awareness essential to life-learning?"

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Grade Level: K

Curriculum Areas:
Focus: Reading
Secondary: English/Language Arts


letter names, letter sounds, value of letters

5-6 months
In the begining of the year, I will introduce all of the letters and sounds. We will write our alphabet of names every day. We will find a letter in the chart (ex: letter Aa) and circle that letter every time that it appears in the names. Each student will have a turn to take home a name chart.
In September, each week will be assigned 2 letters. We will focus on writing, recognizing and manipulating those letters. On Thursday the students will be given the opportunity to bring in something that begins with the two letters. They will be able to share the object with their class and take a picture of it (or two of the items from the classroom...or a peer.) We will then create the text for that page.
I will chose 1 page from each student (2 from a few) to create a class book. I will also have the students create letters using their bodies and take pictures to add into the class book. This will be entered in as my final project (as well as a copy of an individual studentís book.)

The alphabet books are created to help the students solidify their understanding and value of the letters and sounds. It will also help them to learn concepts about print by creating and reading these books.

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