Teacher Guide for a "Unit of Practice" Project

Making A Difference

By Mary Limbach
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"Why are some people considered heros?"


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Grade Level: 2

Curriculum Areas:
Focus: History/Social Science
Secondary: Reading, English/Language Arts

Social Studies - Behavioral Sciences

Making a Difference

Time to Complete Project:
3 hours a day for 2 days each week for 8 weeks.
Second grade students use the Internet to research the essential questions: What is a hero and who can be a hero? The students will develop a criteria for what makes a hero. Using that criteria, the students will search several pre-selected websites in order to collect at least two facts about someone they found that meets the criteria for being a hero. The two facts and a picture will be transferred to two virtual notecards. Each student's information will be consolidated into a class calendar which will be given out by the student's in an effort to encourage others to make a difference.