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Telling Their Stories

By Stephanie Scott
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"How can we teach people about famous African Americans during Black History Month?"

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Grade Level: 3

Curriculum Areas:
Focus: English/Language Arts
Secondary: English/Language Arts

Writing Process

Drafting, Editing, History, Pre-Writing, Publishing, Revising

7-8 days
Black History Month is a chance for students to research and write about history. The lives of famous African Americans and what they can teach us is given over to the power of student writing. Students will plan, research, draft, revise, and publish an essay that focuses on one influential African American.

Students in my third grade class are below level in writing and find it difficult to be inspired to write. Through technology and history, this project motivates students to investigate their heritage while taking them through the crucial steps of the writing process. While pushing them to delve into Black History Month, I am also stressing the importance of each step of the writing process to making a final product they are proud of.