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We Can Write It Ourselves: By Us, Ourselves, With a Little Help from Our Friend Dr. Seuss

By Sarah Bergstrom
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"How can the writing process help you create a better final product?"

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Grade Level: 2

Curriculum Area:
Focus: English/Language Arts

Dr. Seuss and The Writing Process

brainstorming, creativity, editing, publishing, shared writing

3-5 Days
Second grade students examine how Dr. Seuss used the writing process to create his books, and use his work as a springboard to create a class story utilizing each step of the writing process, from brainstorming to publishing.

Students can see how even one of the most famous, and loved, authors had to use the writing process. Most students love Dr. Seuss, so using his work to introduce the writing process may be motivating to them. They can work together in a safe and judgement-free environment to see how each step of the writing process is used to create a final, published product.