Teacher Guide for an "Inquiry Leading to Understanding" Project

Rain Forests

By Gary Powell
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"What would happen to Earth if all of the rain forests were cut down?"

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Grade Levels: 2, 3

Curriculum Areas:
Focus: History/Social Science
Secondary: English/Language Arts

Rain forest

why and how rain forests exist

3 weeks-15 days
This project will teach students the different ways of living in the rain forest. The students will be graphing, mapping, exploring, and creating a rain forest. They will also be learning why we need to save the rain forest and how that can be done.

Since the students have a story in their reading book about a boy who lives in the rain forest, it will be beneficial to the students to know a little more about his life and where he lives. This unit will give students a chance to discover things on their own about a rain forest. Students will be working on many skills such as writing, reading, mapping, graphing, and art.