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Presidential Football

By Alan Wilson, Terri Harral
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"Explain what characteristics are necessary to make a United States President a successful leader and also a team player?"

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Grade Level: 8

Curriculum Areas:
Focus: History/Social Science
Secondary: Technology

U.S. Presidents

Character, Decision Making, Leadership, Morals, Struggles

One week
Your goal is to create an offensive football team using the American Presidents from the past and present. You will discover the skills necessary to lead a country, characteristics that most presidents share, and how different presidents react to major events. You will use your discovered knowledge of U.S. Presidents to place each one a specific position on your football team. You will create a poster of your team and write a brief description of why each president was chosen for their position.

Students need more opportunities to be the driving force behind their learning. Students also need to understand that leaders do not all fit one mold and have different strengths. This project allows them to discover what character traits are necessary to be a leader in the modern world.