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Git Along, Little Dogies

By Linda Beam, Frank Johnson
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"What would life be like now in Texas had there been no wild longhorn cattle to develop the shattered Texas economy after the Civil War?"

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Grade Levels: 4, 7, 8

Curriculum Areas:
Focus: History/Social Science
Secondary: English/Language Arts, Geography

Texas Cattle Drives

Conflict with American natives, Conflict with landowners, Enonomic reason for cattle drives, How geography determined trails, Life styles of trail drivers

7-10 days
In groups, students will collaborate with other classmates to research one of the major cattle trails. Students will map their trail from origin to their final destination keeping a journal to record and give voice to their experiences, identifying examples of Western art, music, and literature. Students will envision the conflicts and struggles and report on the economic and social aspects of their cattle drive. As the culminating project, using historical role playing, the groups will create a narrative Power Point presentation of their experiences.

Project based WebQuests allows students to engage in technology as they comprehend causes and effects, political, economic and social events of a Texas Cattle Drive. Throughout the project, collaborative group skills will improve as cooperation and participation are required. Geography skills will be enhanced as maps are created. Certain aspects of science will be addressed as students discover how climate, landforms and unpredictable events could effect an outcome. A multimedia presentation will enrich and provide for deeper understanding of how the past impacts our lives today.