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What's So Important About school?

By Peggy Tsai
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"Why is staying in school important for my future?"

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Grade Levels: 1, 2

Curriculum Areas:
Focus: History/Social Science
Secondary: Technology, English/Language Arts, ESL

Jobs In Our Community

Careers, Community, Education, Team Work

2 months
First and Second Grade students will work in groups to explore the question: “What’s So Important About School?” Students will use KidPix and Microsoft PowerPoint, conduct research, and interview a professional in their community. Students will work in groups to find out how professionals use the skills that they are learning in school, i.e., reading, writing, math, and teamwork. The culminating project will be a PowerPoint presentation that teaches their classmates about the career and the skills that are required. Through the project, all students will be able to explain how the skills they learn now, including reading, math, and teamwork, are necessary for the careers they will choose in the future. Students will create a PowerPoint presentation to show what they have learned.

“What’s Important About School Anyway?” This project will help first graders get a better understanding of the different types of jobs that make a community work. Students will learn about necessary skills for the career they choose to study. They will experience how today’s education is the foundation for tomorrow’s jobs. It is important that children have the goal that they will graduate and get a diploma, which will lead them to get the jobs that they want. This project will integrate Language arts, Social Studies, Technology, and Art.