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Fourth Grade Bridge Systems, Graphs, and Place Value

By Mike Meade
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"How can I use my problem solving, group work, math and information gathering skills to build a great bridge?"

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Grade Level: 4

Curriculum Areas:
Focus: Science
Secondary: Math

bridge systems, forces, place value, geometry, graph and data skills

Bridges are systems of parts and forces, geometry is basic to bridge building, graphs tell real world stories, Group work skills produce results, Learn place value and numeration skills, understanding physical systems

five weeks
Understanding bridges as systems, hands on bridge building, grade level web resources with scaffolding, a fourth grade integrated science and math unit

Develop an integrated Math-Science unit on Bridge Systems for fourth graders. Include materials, types, forces, occupations, real world applications with a review of early fourth grade place value, geometry, data, and graph skills. Use a constructivist approach and standards based direct teaching. Make the unit complete, ready-to-teach, and fun for fourth graders.