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Horse Study

By Pam Lucker
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"How have horses helped us to understand the world we live in?"

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Grade Level: 1

Curriculum Areas:
Focus: science/language arts
Secondary: Fine Arts

Horse Study

Anatomy of horses, habitats, horse breeds, horse movements

2 weeks , 1-2 hours a day
In this study first grade students learned about horses. They studied horse anatomy, labeled horse pictures and drew horses with an understanding of horse anatomy. They learned to use books and the internet as reseach tools to gain knowledge about horse's needs for survival. They brainstormed and used descriptive words about horses to create diamente poems and flip books. The culminating project was an iMovie with kids drawings and spoken word poems.

First grade students are learning about the needs of living things. Horse study was chosen to help foster compassion and good stewardship for the natural world.