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Creating an Exemplary Project Plan

By Linda Ullah, Gayle Britt, Chris Heumann
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"How do we prove that teachers can plan and implement curriculum, based on standards and sound educational research and theory, that fosters high quality student learning outcomes?"

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Grade Level: All

Curriculum Areas:
Focus: Professional Development
Secondary: Technology

How to create your project plan.

Project Planning

Three week institute plus year-long follow up.
Please use this template as a guide. You will complete the online Custom Project Builder v1.2 in My eCoach to plan your project. This guide will show you exactly where in the Custom Project Builder v1.2 you will put each section on this plan. Be sure to read the Tips and Examples in My eCoach for each section of the project plan in the Custom Project Builder v1.2.

When you write your project description:

1. Mention your target Population and number of participants; E.g. 32 sixth graders

2. Be sure to include what your final student product(s) will be:
a. How will you 'publish' student work?
b. How will students share what they did with others?
c. How will you celebrate your success?

3. Briefly explain why this project is the best way to meet your selected standards.

4. Be sure to include the real-world connection

5. Be sure to explain how technology will be integrated (used) in this project.

6. Be sure to discuss what are the main innovative features of your project.

7. Be sure to include your overall assessment strategies here.
a. How will you continually adjust and improve this project while it is in progress?
b. How will you know if your objectives have been met?
c. How will you assess prior knowledge at the beginning of your project and how will you assess what students have learned as a result of this project?

8. Be sure to state your estimated timeline. (When should each stage of the project take place? When will the entire project be completed?). You will create a detailed timeline when you work on your activities.

9. Include an Estimated Budget.
a. Cost of additional tools necessary to successfully complete the project
b. Proposed method of getting funding for this project (if needed)
c. How you might do this project if no funds are available.

10. What kind of ongoing support do you envision needing to be successful?

11. If you are doing a collabative project (2 or more classooms, include your SHARED VISION.

By providing a sample, and guided practice we can assist teachers to create exemplary curriculum projects that will foster high quality student learning outcomes.

When you write your rationale please state why is the project important or worthwhile?