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Earn While You Learn Fellows

By Linda Ullah, Gayle Britt
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"How can we, as educators, best use the emerging technologies to help your students learn the skills necessary to live and work in a global economy?"

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Grade Level: All

Curriculum Areas:
Focus: Technology
Secondary: Education

Emerging Technologies for Collaboration

Collaboration, Emerging Technologies

4 training days, plus 2 team planning days, plus online collaboration (June through April).
EWYL Fellows are highly trained technology using teachers who are embarking on the "next step" of integrating technology into their curriculum. This step involves doing collaborative, multi-classroom multi-media projects that are standards-based, have a clear, real-world connection, have multiple formative and summative assessment strategies, use a new or emerging hand-held technology tool, and foster higher-order thinking skills.

Today's students will live and work in a global economy. They will need the skills set forth by the 1991 SCANS Report, and will need to use technology as a collaborative tool in the global world of work. Consequently, we must give them the knowledge, understanding and skills to live and work with people of all ages and backgrounds.