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Healthy Kids Project 2

By Kirby Wood, heather lashbrook, Jackie Lee, Alice Packard
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"How can students influence other students to adopt healthier lifestyle choices?"

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Grade Levels: 5, 6

Curriculum Areas:
Focus: Education
Secondary: Computer Science, English/Language Arts, Leadership, Physical Education, Technology

Physical Education

Healthy lifestyle, Multimedia production, Nutrition, Physical fitness

7 months
Obesity in children has risen three times from the 1980s. At the rate we're going, Type 2 diabetes will increase to epidemic proportions in the years ahead. This project seeks to help children to make healthier lifestyle choices in the areas of health, nutrition, and fitness.

Target population includes two fifth grade classrooms, one sixth grade class from El Toro Elementary School, and one fifth grade class from the charter School in Morgan Hill, California.

The final student products will be published on the the Healthy Kids web site at http://www.ewyl.net/apackard/index.htm Student products will be exhibited at the Healthy Kids Faire at El Toro School.

Videotaping of students demonstrating correct testing procedures for the physical finess tests will be used. Computer presentations will be made showing nutrition and healthy choices in the computer lab.

Innovative features of this project include the videotaped demonstrations, the Powerpoint presentations, and the Healthy Kids Faire at El Toro School.

Individual student journals will be kept to record reflections as part of an ongoing assessment of the project. Students will record personal mile run times and graph their ongoing progress in their journals.

Continual adjustment and improvements will be made at monthly intervals with the students in order to ensure that adequate progress toward the standards is met.

A pre and post assessment will be given to determine growth.

Children need to make lifelong decisions about health, nutrition and fitness to ensure a healthier happier life as an adult.