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Journalistic podcasting

By Kristy Garcia
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"What makes something newsworthy and why is it important to engage with current/community events?"

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Grade Levels: 9, 10, 11, 12

Curriculum Areas:
Focus: Journalism
Secondary: English/Language Arts

Students will determine newsworthy topics to research and present in their podcast.

Engaging your audience, Newsworthiness of an event/issue, Participating in responsible speech

3-4 weeks
Students will learn how to create a podcast that incorporates their knowledge of journalistic conventions and allows them to further explore a newsworthy topic of their choosing. Students will choose a topic, research it, interview sources, write and revise their podcast, and then create, edit and publish it.

My students already publish a 20-24 page newspaper once a month. In order to make the journalism program more accessible to students who are more verbally-oriented, I would like to give them a medium where they can publish their work in a non-written format. Having students engage in this newer media form will also give them technological skills that will serve them well in the post-high school world, especially when some newspaper websites are incorporating podcasts into their on-line editions. Podcasts will also encourage students on campus to be more engaged with our monthly publication.