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Geometry In Our World

By Lindsey Ahrary
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"How can we use geometric shapes found in objects in our community?"

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Grade Level: 6

Curriculum Areas:
Focus: Mathematics
Secondary: Technology


Community, Cooperation, Patterns, Responsibility

4 Weeks
Sixth grade students work together in groups to create an interactive geometry game using Microsoft PowerPoint. Students work in groups to capture images of their school and community using a digital camera. Using those images, students create story problems using geometry concepts learned (area, perimeter, circumference, surface area, angle measurements, etc.). They will then turn those questions with multiple answer choices and post on a PowerPoint presentation with hyperlinks to create an interactive game. Games will be shared not only with the rest of the class, but also with other 6th grade math classes.

Many students (not just at my level) have trouble applying learned math concepts to real-life situations. This will help them in applying that knowledge to real life by asking them to take photographs of images from around the school and then apply geometry questions to it. Additionally, this allows students to think "outside-the-box" and be creative with math, instead of just completing a skills-worksheet. Computers and games are both things that excite kids, so using them together with this out-of-the-box thinking will surely allow students to get the most out of this subject.